For as long as I can remember I have loved fibers, textiles and all things with strings attached. As a teenager I sewed my own clothes in order to wear what I wanted. Later, I sewed for other folks, a sort of sewing servitude, to keep a roof over our heads.

Whether sewing for joy or sewing for rent, I always took great delight in the endless patterns and textures of textiles. I loved exploring the intricate designs created by textile artists, feeling I was creating a piece of art using what looked like paintings on cloth.

Now, I rarely sew. My machine sits and collects dust in my hall closet. However, my love of textile has morphed into an artistic pursuit using designs created by nature.

I am a stone setter and the stones I choose must have elements that I found in textiles. There must be texture, there must be pattern and there must be a visual harmony that delights my eyes.

When I discovered this moctezuma agate (pictured above) from Northern Mexico, I noticed threads of color weaving their way through the clear mineral chalcedony.

The design was like a swirling bevy of threads dancing in a sea of light. I wished to create a nest where this stone could be cradled like yarn in a basket. Silver embellishment threads around the stone, gently supporting and embellishing the lines within.

Fibers are everywhere. Binding us to one another. Connecting all that exists in the world into one magnificent design.