Tease ~ then make me wait.

You hunker down in the dirt,

daring me to draw near.

I yearn for a whiff of your flowery heart.

Alas, you stall; play hard to get.

Green, gray Peniocereus G.

You’re a prickly cactus.

Bloom ~ one midsummer night.

Lure me with vanilla trails.

Open wide pale flamboyant.

Flagrante delicto, my queen,

You are moonlit luminescence.

I am one hungry hawk moth,

winging your way, humming your song.

Seduce ~ sing Hallelujah 

Probing your sticky core,

I tongue ambrosial nectar.

No fan of one-night stands, but  for  you

I thrum through desert darkness

Hovering ~ a silent supplicant

at the altar of your evanescence.

-Sasha Case